Jagged Vertical Dance & Fitness is home to many Pro Pole Champions and Coaches!  We provide a premium practice space, support from qualified coaches, and a community environment to help you develop as an artist, athlete, and competitor. 


 Congratulations to Anna Alvarez 2017 PSO National Pro Women's Champion!

Congratulations to Anna Alvarez 2017 PSO National Pro Women's Champion!


  By joining our competition team you will receive

+ 8 weeks of private coaching with a qualified coach

+ An informational packet to help you prepare your material to build your routine

+ One 2 hour trick picking jam for spinning and static combos prior to beginning private coaching

+ 2 hours of practice time weekly with other competitors only

+ Access to a premium space perfect for competition preparation 12ft. 11 inches height 9 ft. apart

+ A Mock Judging session two weeks prior to competition for feedback and critique

+Additional 10% off on class packages

+ Access to add on services such as start to finish routine creation with your private coach, strength strategy planning, nutrition coaching and planning.  Read below for details and to sign up!



April 7-8 Pso Pacific Pole ChampionshipS

FREE Informational Session Saturday 1/27 3:30p

Not sure what competing entails or have additional questions you'd like to ask a qualified coach in person?  Come to our informational session and learn more!  *Must pre-register to attend by clicking the button below


COMPETITION TEAM FROM 2/3/18-3/31/18 (9 weeks)


+ Initial trick building jam Saturday 2/3

+ Weekly team practice time 3:30-5:30pm Saturdays

+ Private coaching weekly to be scheduled with coach individually

+ Mock judging session Saturday 3/24 3:30pm 

+ Final run throughs Saturday 3/31


(For additional services, such as full routine creation, fitness strategy, and nutrition planning see additional below)




routine creation

Full choreographed 2:30-4:30 routine from start to finish.  Please give coach a weeks notice prior to first private session so they can create their best for you!  Choreography will be taught during weekly included private sessions.  A routine takes roughly four sessions to complete and four sessions to perfect.  Additional sessions can be scheduled if needed for an additional fee.

$300 choreography 


 - Body Composition Analysis

 - Posture Analysis

 - Fitness and Performance Assessment

 - 4 Week Customized Plan

To be scheduled privately with coach outside of weekly practice time.

$130 per hour session


 - Evaluation of current eating habits and goals

 - Foods to limit and foods to eat in abundance and why

 - 4 Week Plan

 - Sample Recipes

To be scheduled privately with coach outside of weekly practice time.

$75 per hour session


JESSICA - JAGGED - 12.21.17-2784.jpg


Private Coaching, and Routine Creation

+ 2016 Oksana Grishina Pole Fitness Classic Champion

+ 2016 National Aerial Pole Art Allstar Women's Champion

+ 2015 California Pole Dance Championship Pro 2nd 

+ 2015 Pacific Pole Championship Pro Champion

+ 2014 National Aerial Pole Art Double's Champion

+ MTV's America's Best Dance Crew

+ "Off The Floor" Pole Documentary

Jessica has a background in dance, pole, aerial, and pilates training and has coached budding amateurs to pros like Mina Mortezaie, Rhyn Cheung, and Anna Alvarez.  She specializes in composing well rounded routines with musicality, personal style, emotional connection, and creatively highlighting each clients strength to be the best you without imitation.  YOU'RE NEXT!

Anna alvarez

Private Coaching, and Routine Creation

+ 2017 PSO National Championship Pro Champion
+ 2017 NAPDC International Elite Division, 3rd
+ 2017 PSO Pacific Pole Championship, Pro 2nd
+ 2017 Arnold Pole Championship Series, Pro 2nd
+ 2017 Minnesota Pole Championship Pro Champion
+ 2016 PSO Northwest Pole Championship Pro Champion
+ 2016 PSO Central Pole Championship Pro Champion
+ 2014 NAPDC Midwest Elite Division Pro Champion

Anna has been teaching pole for over three years. She helped build the competition team at Dollhouse Pole Dance Studio in Minneapolis, where she coached many new and amateur competitors. She has been on the stage competing and performing since a very young age and is very comfortable putting together your performance piece at any step in the process.


mina mechanic

Private Coaching, and Routine Creation

+ 2013 IPC Doubles Pole Fitness Champion

+ 2012 Masters Cup Doubles Champion

+ 2011 East Meets West Doubles Champion

+ 2010 USPDF Amateur Champion

Mina has been pole dancing for over 10 years with expansive experience in aerial arts, fitness, yoga, pilates, and dance. She is X-Pert and AFAA Certified. Mina has hosted and judged at many competitions both nationally and internationally. Mina has helped many competitors in the past and can help you with everything from music selection, costume, choreography, mock judging, and more!




Veronika Pole

Private Coaching, and Routine Creation

Veronika has coached many Pro and Amateur champions to their win in countless competitions such as:

+ Nadia Sharif

+ Sasja Lee

+ Brynn Route

+ Brian Wolf

+ Anikia Jackson

+ Venus Manuel/Vee Niz

With her natural teaching ability, gentle analytical style, creative eye, and boatloads of patience she has developed into a sought after coach for performers and competitors. As a popular instructor at several Los Angeles area studios, Veronika has worked with students of all skill level and backgrounds, utilizing her beginnings as a student with no dance training to relate to the challenges and triumphs students encounter on their own personal journeys. As a coach, she has had the opportunity to work with some of pole’s most talented artists on their rise to become champions in the industry.

Sasja Lee

Private Coaching

+ 2017 Pole Theatre Iceland Classique Pro-Champion

+ 2014 National Aerial Pole Art Champion

+ 2014 Ink-n-Iron Champion

+ 2013 California Pole Dance Champion

+ Strong 4 Pole, Co-Owner & Coach

This National Pole and International Pole Champion and instructor has shared her love of pole dance both on and off the competition stage, with emphasis on fluidity, technique and innovative transitions & combinations to ensure a strong presence and unique performance. THIS IS YOUR TIME!

Mia Shanté


Available for Fitness Strategy & Planning and Nutrition Coaching & Planning

+ 2013 Pacific Pole Dance Level 3 Entertainment 3rd Place

+ 2014 Pacific Pole Dance Level 4 Dramatic 1st Place

+ 2014 Paragon International Competition Mexico, Amateur 2nd Place

+ 2014 US National Bodybuilding Competition, Figure Competitor

*Certified Personal Trainer*Certified Fitness and Nutrition Specialist*Certified MotionDynamics Stretch Therapist*Strong 4 Pole Founder & Co-Owner*

With Mia's background in fitness and wellness, she strives to ensure every athlete she works with comes out stronger, healthier and injury free with a newfound knowledge for sustainability and longevity in their sport. Let's get that body right!