"The Darkness Within" Jagged Halloween Show
5:00pm 5:00pm

"The Darkness Within" Jagged Halloween Show

Photo by Knockingbird Creative

Photo by Knockingbird Creative

In the spirit of Halloween, Jagged VDF in conjunction with Power Pixie Productions is putting together our first elite aerial showcase, exploring our concepts of fear.  They seem to make no sense, but to us they’re very real. We’re afraid of the dark. Crowds. Insects. Heights. Freeways. Tight spaces. Clowns. Growing older. Success. Being judged. Being alone. Rejection. Our own thoughts. Emotional responses take many forms, from mute terror to outright screaming.  

Enjoy a night of appetizers, cocktails, aerial performances, interactive moments, live DJ and dancing, and raffle prizes!  



$30 GENERAL ADMISSION includes entry and a seat first come first serve

$50 TABLE includes entry, one premium seat at a table to order appetizers, and a free raffle ticket.  If you are part of a group purchasing multiple seats and want to be at the same table, email info@jaggedvdf.com and let us know we will put tables together so you can sit with your party. 

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