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Let's Spice Up Your Workout!



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Aerial Yoga

Yoga with a twist!  Hang upside down and maximize your stretching and strength conditioning in our aerial yoga hammocks.




Aerial Dance

Utilize your aerial skills in this class combining aerial hammock work with dance!  Learn some movement in the aerial hammock and tie it together in a short choreographed routine to music at the end.  This is perfect for students looking to work on grace, finesse, musicality, and style..not to mention it's great training for your brain and body alike!


Come one come all!  Always wanted to try pole?  This class is for you!  You will learn all the basics including spins, climbs, and even get upside down.  Buy a package and you will receive a free progress sheet to mark your achievements as you grow!



Ok, you've taken the intro class now let's rock that spinning pole!  In this class you will learn more advanced spinning moves and combos. 





Jagged's specialty class!  Improve your musicality, smooth out your transitions, and time your pole skills with precision.  In this class you will have a 30 min. warm up, 30 minute pole session, and 30 minutes to learn choreography to tie together the pole moves you learned with dance.


Let's fly!  In this class you will learn a variety of ways to hang, wrap, twist, and mount the lyra, or aerial hoop.  Buy a package and you will receive a free progress sheet to mark your achievements as you grow! 



Let's fly! In this class you will use the fabric to wrap, suspend, fall, swing, and spiral your body into and out of various positions. Aerial silks may be used to fly through the air, striking poses and figures while suspended by special fabric.  Buy a package and you will receive a free progress sheet to mark your achievements as you grow!




A team training atmosphere where ALL PEOPLE are welcome to come grow, support and work together to achieve fitness needs and goals.  This is the perfect class for those looking to build strength and cardio endurance in a positive environment, for beginners who want to get into aerial, or a supporting class for those already doing it.  Class includes foundations of circuit training, cross-fit, and weightlifting with a short block of conditioning on actual aerial apparatuses every class.






Reshape your body with a variety of strength training techniques paired with blissful stretches that will lengthen and elongate your muscles. You can expect a fun fast paced cardio warm up, a series of strength training that will burn your legs, abs, and upper body, followed by juicy stretches that incorporate yoga poses and techniques. Using fitness equipment including the Most Fit Suspension Straps which use your own body weight and gravity to create exercises that challenge your stability and balance, this is a great compliment to your overall fitness routine and helps increase your core strength, cardio, agility, grace, and flexibility needed for aerial training.



Get in touch with your inner flexuality with this deep stretching class.  Using relaxation techniques and partner stretching to help, you will be able to go beyond your normal abilities and take it to the next level!  Whether you are simply working on your flexibility, or getting into contortion this class will help you progress to a more sexy flexible you!


Sexyfit Cardio is a total body workout designed to heighten your self confidence and bring out your inner sexy!

Sexyfit Cardio is a hour long workout that incorporates dance movements and designed to target your arms, abs, and glutes.


Explore the spiraling motion of the hula hoop all while developing a strong core and a great sense of rhythm!  This class will combine hula hooping skills with dance movement to create a flowing routine and get you sweating at the same time.